Insulation and cladding for pipes, elbows, valves, flanges, and other fittings

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Insulation and cladding for pipes and other fittings with insulation materials and jacketing including: straight pipes, elbows, valves, flanges, angle, split branch pipes, tees, reducers, filters, pressure regulators. The article of baoon. bid site below will introduces each type and compare the steps of insulating for them.

In order to insulate, clad the thermal insulation of pipelines and assorted pipe fittings to ensure quality, first of all the contractors and enterprise units must have adequate physical and human resources, including:

  • There are sufficient specialized machinery and auxiliary machinery
  • Sufficient human resources
  • Experienced and technic in insulating fittings and components
  • Prepare full insulation wool materials like mineral wools or other insulator SUS, stainless steel jackets, aluminum jackets, steel jackets, covers


As the most common insulation element, straight pipe sections usually account for most of the workload and insulation materials put to use compared with the rest of accessories. Types of pipelines and equipment put into insulation should be noted

  • Hot pipes for transfering
  • Cold pipes for transfering
  • Metal or non-metallic pipe type
Bảo ôn cách nhiệt
Pipes Cladding and jacketing


Elbows are usually the equipment whose workload occupies the second position compared to pipes insulation. They are segments made of a curved corner that forms a 90 degree angle. Elbows include:

  • Standard radius types
  • Large radius or non-standard radius
  • It should be noted that there is metal or non-metallic elbows

Insulation installation elbows will have to divide segments of reasonable insulation materials. For outer casing pipes, when using the pieces must be calculated carefully compared with straight pipes.

Bảo ôn co cút
Insulaion elbows


Angle elbow is also a curved bend similar to a standard elbows, but the angle of formation is 90 degrees, which may be bigger or smaller than the bend. Types of thí angle to pay attention

  • Angle elbows standard radius type
  • Large radius or non-standard radius types
  • It should be noted that there is metal or non-metallic elbows

Angle elbows or half elbows insulation asembly with cut pipe sections must be carefully calculated by computer or specialized software to ensure that the pieces are tight and not turned out during assembly.

To calculate and measure we can use a ruler to compare and determine their angle


The corner elbows is an other type of elbows they have perpendicular corner and usually made up of two 45 degree cut and welded sections.

The corner elbows also include 2 types

  • Sharp angle elbows
  • Corner elbows have a radius of curvature outside like the plastic elbow type

For angle pipe in construction, usually the sheath will be assembled

  • Pair 2 pieces (2 segments)
  • 3-piece puzzle style (3 segments)

However, increasing the number of pieces will be better than fewer pieces


Tee or T unit is a segment of a branching pipe that divides or combines flow

Fluid or gas stream. Tees often includes:

  • Equal tee
  • Unequal tee

In thermal insulation construction, depending on the size and shape of the divided T pipe, we have different shell/ jacket structures.


Reducer is a specification of pipe with a decreasing diameter, one end will be smaller than the other, reducer used to connect pipes with different diameters.

There are 2 types of reducer, depending on the purpose of use.

  • Reducer (equal reducer)
  • Eccentric reducer (Unequal reducer)

Reducer insulation cladding is relatively simple compared to other types, the enclosure can use a ruler and compass to build. However, to ensure accuracy, the use of peeling software is recommended.


A valves is a type of device that opens and closes the flow and flow pressure control

Valves have many different type like

  • Globe valve
  • Gate valve
  • One-way valve
  • Pressure reducing valve or overpressure valve ...

Valve insulation and cladding relatively complex compared to other types of accessories because of the size and type of more diverse, maybe on a pipe to make many different types of insulation jackets.

Although there are many different types, however, valve covers we can use 3 options Valve jackets, types fittings jackets for cladding

  • Cylindrical jacket type
  • Unequal valve jacket type
  • The two half poen-closed or split valve jacket box is the latest type.


Flanges with two flat surfaces assembled with the head or end of a pipe, used to catch a part with the same plane as it. Their most typical form is flanged at the ends of pipes connected together in a pair. Or, installed at the end of the pipe by a blind flange to act as a plug. Flanges types include

  • Flanges and blind flanges
  • Screw threaded connector
  • Head pipe seal

Flanged insulation, Screw threaded connector, end fittings have the same properties as valves, but at a simpler level than valves, because they have less frequent maintenance.


Fittings include

  • Air trap
  • Water trap
  • Y strainer
  • Regulator and other filters

Y strainer, air trap, water trap and regulator are auxiliary equipment installed on the pipe, they are devices capable of transmitting heat to the environment.

Insulating filter equipment, pressure regulators often occupy a relatively small amount of work compared to other equipment in the pipeline system.

If you are looking for a insulation contractor, please contact our hotline phone number or send information via this website's email address baoon. bid . Thank you for reading.

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